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Hard Money Lenders California

Hard Money Lenders California

Our main goal is to help real estate investors who’re looking to purchase California investment homes, foreclosures, bank owned or short sale properties and get funding fast.

Real estate in California is now on the rise and better than ever.  The problem here is how to get the money to close fast. That’s why many investors have and will always rely upon hard money loans in order to get real estate deals funded.

A hard money loan is a loan that is based on the after repair value of a given property. The loan isn’t based completely on the credit worthiness of the borrower. If the deal is good enough, you may qualify for a hard money loan.

✔ Get accessible loans when the banks won’t help
✔ Fast processing of loans requests
✔ A reliable and friendly team
✔ Better terms than you’ll get with the typical private lender
✔ Cover all your property investment needs

Operating in California, we are a trusted private group that extends real estate investment help to active real estate brokers and investors. Focusing on funding hard money loans in California, we offer a variety of loan products for individuals looking to take advantage of great opportunities within the California real estate market.

Our high standards of service are inspired by the belief that when you’ve got your eyes set on the perfect property deal – nothing, including finances, should stand in your way. Banks and traditional institutions in general will often ask too much before they can qualify you as a legit borrower. At Hard Money USA, we treat investors different – and apply a simple, common sense formula to approve your hard money loans request.

Our group of California hard money lenders believe that whatever your circumstances, customer is KING. As thus, we have refined our loan systems and processes to be customer-centric. Our objective – just as yours – is to come to your financial rescue.

Hard Money Loans California

Hard Money Lenders California

Fast Loans – our main goal is to help real estate investors who’re looking to purchase investment homes, foreclosures, bank owned or short sale properties get funded fast. We have the human resources and financial capability to respond to your needs promptly. Indeed, depending on how much you need, your specific needs as well as the time duration within which you need your loan funded– we can actualize close within a few days of your request.

Reliability when you need it – after the housing bubble burst of 2007 – which greatly affected the state’s real estate market – California is currently on a rebound. The state’s real estate market has evened out as buyers and sellers engage in more robust negotiations to capture the increasing investment opportunities in the industry.

Our hard money lending establishment understands the need for urgency when you’ve perched your property search on a promising deal. As thus, we bend our services to be flexible, convenient as well as reliable; based on the evolving needs of the state’s real estate investors.

We’ve got you covered – unlike typical hard money lenders California, who lay their scope of service on specific types of properties, we offer a wide spectrum of real estate financing services. Our hard money loans California lend on the following:

• Single family residential rehabbing
• Equity based lending
• Residential real estate construction
• Mixed use California commercial properties
• REO, short sales and residential real estate
• Multifamily residential properties

California Hard Money Lenders

Customized Hard Money Loans California – with a cocktail of hard money services to cover your real estate investment needs, we offer better terms and more benefits than typical providers of hard money loans California. Our clear fees policy, fast closing guarantee, and interest only loans deliver the right finances at the time when you need them. More so, we scope on all types of property expenses, including repairs and full rehabbing.

If you’ve got a real estate investment property in mind, get in touch with our California hard money lenders and get the financial uplifting you need to get your investment running.


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